We value effective partnerships and are constantly searching for high quality materials and services at the cost of carrying out our Projects.

Become a TOCSA Supplier

We invite you to be part of the database of potential suppliers. Any natural or legal person who is interested in being part of the database of potential suppliers may process their application by informing the goods or services offered.

The negotiation and contracting of goods and services will be fulfilled in a field of free competition, oriented by constitutional and administrative principles, where TOCSA emphasize equality, morality, efficacy, celerity, impartiality, advertising and efficiency.

To become a TOCSA Supplier, your company needs to send an e-mail to, attaching your portfolio and brochures.

TOCSA will be able to investigate the data of the companies and will give continuity to the process of inscription and homologation (if applicable), enabling or not to companies as suppliers.

Important: Sending your proposals as a potential supplier does not create an obligation to hire you on behalf of TOCSA.

Requirements to become a Supplier at TOCSA

  • RUC (Unique Taxpayer Record) issued by the SET (Subsecretaria de Estado de Tributación) and have an updated tax compliance.
  • To be registered at IPS (Instituto de Previsión Social) and at Ministry of Labor, in case of providing service with your own staff - and to present a Certificate of Non-Indebtedness to IPS.
  • Copy of the identity document for the legal representative of the company, for contract signatures
  • To prove experience in the goods or services offered
  • Not have inabilities, incompatibilities and/or conflicts of interest within the company.

Important: The delivery of the aforementioned documents does not imply acceptance for the registration of suppliers, your application will be evaluated According to the Procedure of TOCSA